Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seems like a Thousand Years

I won't go on about how I've wanted to to start posting again and how the past 5 or so times I've begun to post again in the last year have never ended up on the blog because there is too much to tell. I've learned so much and grown so much in the last year that I'll just have to share it in pictures in order to get on to the new adventures. 

I worked with Emma in the coffee bar last summer.

I value this sweet friendship so much. 

Shyanne, one of my sweet challenge girls.

Hands down, some of THE best hours of my life were spent in this ocean with Brittany and Emma.

Psychedelic-First social back in Auburn after summer.

First home football game of the season!

Oh how I love Hannah Pate!

Paige came to visit Auburn.

Outback Cincinnati roadtrip

White Rose Formal

Our beautiful white sheet tent

Tacky Christmas

 254 Roomies

Highlands Life Small Group at Life Retreat in Birmingham

My sister Millie got engaged! 

Passion 2012

Kappa Delta Kentucky Derby Spring Formal

Millie's first wedding shower in Montgomery!

So now, now I'm starting over...afresh, starting life anew in a fresh place.