Saturday, June 9, 2012


So, being in Auburn this summer there aren't a lot of planned things to do. Which I am actually growing to love. This slow pace is relaxing and not having to plan is nice. It adds excitement in everything that comes my way during the day no matter how small. Last weekend when I went home I brought back a pot to paint white (I'm all about natural and simple colors right now, you'll see once I post my website I'm designing right now for one of my interactive projects). I went and bought some lavender seeds to plant. And I find it quite funny how much dirt I had to buy because there wasn't a smaller bag. My last two summers out a JH Ranch I had hoped to go to the lavender fields in Shasta City, but never got the chance, so that was why I choose it for my little white pot. As I planted my seeds the Lord so sweetly reminded me of a huge part of what He taught me throughout last summer. At the end of one of my favorite songs it says, "this seed I've received I will sow". God clearly showed me last summer how he teaches us and fills us to be emptied again. If we weren't emptied we wouldn't need him to be there to fill us more and more. We're emptied when we share what He's revealed to us, to encourage others in Him. And then He is faithful to fill us again and again. So each time I water my little lavender seeds (which is three times a day, I feel like I'm taking care of a little child, hahaha), I'm reminded of this truth. I can't wait to watch it grow and see the beautiful fruit! 

baby lavender

This made me so happy when I got on blogger today! If you don't know, when you have a blog, you can track how many views you have a day and from where, etc. I was so excited to see South Africa show up on my map today:)! That's Allison reading from Cape Town, I love it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Beginning a Beautiful Summer

 The Lord works in His perfect timing. Rains fall and recede at His command. Today it rained for me.

I remember when I was a kid, people would say that when it’s raining, God is crying. But, a few weeks ago when I was home, I noticed one of those Family Circus comics was attached among the smattering of invitations and art on the refrigerator. It was simply an illustration of the family on a hillside, and the word bubble coming from Billy said, “spring must be when God gets his crayons out and colors”. It made me remember all those little sayings like thunder is when God’s drumming and the one about God crying when it rains.

But then I thought, no, rain is water and water brings life. Rain would be when God gets out His watercolors and beautifully paints the world with color and life. Yes, these are just little sayings, but The Lord has had a way of speaking to me through them recently.  Today I do believe He sent the rain just in time to teach me something. So today he sent the rain to let me know he’s here, he does carry my burdens, and he is weeping with me when I’m hurting.  He sent it to heal me and remind me of the times he’s been faithful in healing me before.  For a while now I've been trying so hard to be intentional and I want to spend time with people because I want to be a perfect friend, sister, and daughter and it has weighed so heavy on me recently in ways I didn’t even realize. I don’t have to work and strive. “I will fight for you, you need only to be still.” Trying to do all these things on my own again has caught up with me, and I’m exhausted. I know the Lord has made me perfect already through His son and there is nothing I can do on my own that is good and of worth. He’s reminding me again. Thank you Lord. These rains came to remind me of His truth and his help in my desperate times.

Thank you for grace Lord, pour your buckets of it out on me and let it overflow for your glorious name. Thank you God, thank you for the rain.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seems like a Thousand Years

I won't go on about how I've wanted to to start posting again and how the past 5 or so times I've begun to post again in the last year have never ended up on the blog because there is too much to tell. I've learned so much and grown so much in the last year that I'll just have to share it in pictures in order to get on to the new adventures. 

I worked with Emma in the coffee bar last summer.

I value this sweet friendship so much. 

Shyanne, one of my sweet challenge girls.

Hands down, some of THE best hours of my life were spent in this ocean with Brittany and Emma.

Psychedelic-First social back in Auburn after summer.

First home football game of the season!

Oh how I love Hannah Pate!

Paige came to visit Auburn.

Outback Cincinnati roadtrip

White Rose Formal

Our beautiful white sheet tent

Tacky Christmas

 254 Roomies

Highlands Life Small Group at Life Retreat in Birmingham

My sister Millie got engaged! 

Passion 2012

Kappa Delta Kentucky Derby Spring Formal

Millie's first wedding shower in Montgomery!

So now, now I'm starting over...afresh, starting life anew in a fresh place.