Friday, December 31, 2010


today the lady who has cleaned my house for years, Von, told me..."Shelby now that's a cute outfit, you just always look like you're from California." hehe it made my day. i love california. san francisco and etna of course.

Von just told us she's engaged!!!! yay!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

best ever

this weekend is up for the number one position of best event ever in my life. a weekend spent with friends, stress free, in atlanta for the SEC championship. i couldn't have spent my time better. a fresh guacamole friday. christmas music with dave barnes, and drew and ellie holcomb. waking up to the inviting scent of te season, christmas fir. and watching (from the 10th row 40 yd line) cam newton and the rest of our auburn tigers set a record of the greatest win in an SEC championship game. Cam's word for his fans "If God is with me, who could be against me." And the weekend was wrapped up perfectly riding around auburn and driving by toomer's blasting All We Do Is Win for thirty minutes straight and watching as auburn fans all over the streets put their hands up in the hair. national championship, here. we. come. theAuburn Family is All In. War Cam Eagle.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Fear Not" Ronnie Freeman

Just like Mary, young and lovely
Finding herself so afraid
Face to face with Heaven’s angel
Life would never be the same

All who trust in God to lead them
All who take Him at His word
When at times it’s all so frightening
Hear the call that Mary heard

Fear not
For the Lord is with you
Fear not
You’re held in His hand
You are safe beneath His shadow
You are part of His great plan
O blessed child of God
Fear not

Just like Joseph, man of honor
Never thought they’d be a part, or
He’d be why the townfolk whispered, or
Heaven’s plan would break his heart

All who trust in God to lead them
All who take Him at His word
When at times it’s overwhelming
Hear the call that Joseph heard

Fear not
For the Lord is with you
Fear not
You’re held in His hand
You are safe beneath His shadow
You are part of His great plan
O blessed child of God
Fear not

Thursday, November 18, 2010

His Vision

I should write more often. When I come to a point where I want to write, like now for example, I feel like I have so much to say that I don't know where to start or what to say. Most importantly today, I want you to know and remember that the Lord is ever present and working. Because His Spirit is in me, the Lord has given me the same power that He raised His son from the dead with. The same power that conquered the grave lives in us! Lately, I've been praying that the Lord would awaken me and keep my focus on HIM alone. For so long I think I was seeking the things of the Lord and looking for things with Him in them, which is good, but...I should be seeking Him and those things will follow. Rather than seeking things I think He may want me to do, seeking Him will cause me to see what he has in store for me instead of me searching for those things and losing sight that He will reveal His vision for me in His time.

Fun, well random, things these last few weeks....
-baking cupcakes at wes and bryce's with caroline
-watching football at the beach house with morgan and katie and my awesome big elle wade!!
-JH Ranch staff info session...seeing old friends and bringing new ones!! lauren, holly, kristin, ronnie, chris, paul
-driving on a random road in auburn and finding julie!!
-1st visit to the med clinic in auburn=getting my blood drawn
-wore my new shoes from anthropologie at chapter last night:) they're super cute!

I'm actually in my world lit class right now...where I learn nothing, literally. And I cannot wait to get home for Thanksgiving!! It's so close! I can't wait for cooler weather and gloves, and scarves, and turkey, and Christmas shopping and the iron bowl. WAR CAM!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

His Love Never Fails

i'm not doing very good at being consistent with posting. and when i do have time to write, there's so much to say that i don't know what to write. so this one is going to be sort of like a list...just to make sure i cover everything:)

-after much thought and much time spent searching
, i finally found my object for my my new 3d project. ice skates!! wooohoooo!
-baby are you down down down down down with Emily Brown!!!!! this is campaign week for miss homecoming 2010 (Emily Brown), which means it is SUPER busy, but a lot of fun!! YAY EMILY BROWN!! number one on our ballots and number one in our hearts:)
-The Lord is present even in the smallest ways. He is SO GOOD. I can't even describe Him, but if I could there would never be anything new about Him to reveal to me. Praise the Lord because He is a mystery and wants to give us more of Him each day!!!! Yesterday He just spent the day reminding me that He truly is present everywhere. Even on the bus coming back from RO parking (miles away). The driver was listening to a song by Nicole C. Mullen that my mom and I used to listen to a lot. I can't think of the name right now, but it just says "I know my redeemer lives." I just was sitting there in the bus talking to the driver and all of a sudden I heard that song playing. It just made me smile, I knew it was God reminding me that He was
there with me and that He always would be. What an awesome hope to have in Him.

well, that's all the time for now, but i'll have some more tomorrow if there's time..i hope!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


why hasn't birmingham ever had a fair?? i went with a bunch of my KD sisters this weekend to the peanut festival in dothan and it was SO SO much fun!! first of all, mary grace has the sweetest family; they took such good care of all 14 of us this weekend. they were such a blessing and so sweet to welcome us into their home and cook literally every meal for us. we ate ALL weekend. when we woke up she had breakfast casseroles prepared and cinnamon rolls and everything else you could think of and then we watched football together all day and kept eating the snacks they made us for the game and the delicious grilled dinner. shooooot...all i've talked about is food. oh and we ate THE best corn dogs ever and caramel apples at the fair friday night. yum:).

this afternoon was wonderful too!!! i went went some girls to eat at toomer's corner. i recommend the chicken n' dumplings soup. mmm mmm. after we just went shopping in downtown auburn just for fun and went to earth fare to get some groceries where we sampled everything there was to sample. then we laid out on the lawn by owen and did some studying before we went back (yes, twice in one day) to earth fare for dinner. this will become a usual habit of course. we spent more time taste testing for dinner too:) it was a successful weekend. just great time with the girls. the Lord certainly blessed us all throughout the weekend. Praise Him.

"You Are The One"...Chris McClarney

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(sigh of relief)

woooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!! after a long night in the studio my hummingbird drawing is finally finished!!!! alltogether, i spent 38 hours on this drawing and last night i didn't sleep. i was in the studio until 7:30 this morning. my awesome, best drawing professor EVER, brought us festive halloween daylight doughnuts this morning to eat during critique, YUM!! i'm working on a name for my hummingbird, but here she is!!

medium: drained 1 and 1/2 bic ink pens
size: 36x40

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i need a break. i haven't posted in awhile because my life has been taken over by my "drain the pen" project for my drawing class. today i've been stuck at the studio for hooouuuurrrrrrsssss. i'm getting sick of all the music on my ipod. and who knows when i'll leave tonight, but get excited! i can't wait to post my drawing!! okay here we go again. my next post will mean my project is finally oooovvvvveeeerrrrr! yay!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

since i've been gone

i met 3 more auburn football players the other night!! SO FUN!! i love meeting them, so i can cheer for them during the game! and yes, we are now facebook friends. it's legit. and yesterday all my teachers went out of town so all 3 of my classes were canceled for friday! i just spent some good time with the Lord and i just started a book by Jeanne Guyon, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ. it was wonderful to have a day off to just relax. i guess that's what weekends are really for, but it never seems that we can do that with all the tailgates getting ready for AUBURN football. i better go so i can cheer on my new friends:) during the game!!!

Boda Getta
Boda Getta
Boda Getta Bah
Rah, Rah, Rah
Sis Boom Bah
Wegl, Wegl
Kick ‘em in the butt BIG BLUE - HEY!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


today was quite a success. i took a field trip to hobby lobby today in place of my 3d design class and got everything i needed for my new, found object project. i can't wait to get started on it, i'm super excited about my idea!! and even better...i FINALLY went to gigi's cupcakes today! i got a cupcake for elle and for all the suitemates:) i ordered white chocolate macadamia nut and it was delish. now i'm sitting in biggin across from skybar (where people are actually out) working on my hummingbird pen drawing. well, clearly i'm not working on it. i'm stalling. i've been searching for some sort of way to make an art section on my blog so i can post my artwork, but i can't find one:( i'll just post a few here for now i guess. hope you enjoy!

rockstar rv

harry potter bicycle

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


okay, so, it's stressing me to do an old and new for each day. we'll just catch up with some pictures instead!

francie...we'll be grannies together:)

love me some kdorr

taylor sabo everyone...yay!!!!!!!!

i love paige!!

labor day weekend at the lake with KD ladies

ranch reunion after needtobreathe in tuscaloosa

ranch reunion number two with cody all the way from washington!!!!


new begginings

this morning started at 11:) with world lit class and is ending with laundry at mason's. i had lunch with lexi after my classes and then we decided to lay on our picnic blanket rather than do our homework for the next 3 hours. one of the new things i just love about weekly lunch dates with lexi:). we met 4 years ago at JH and cried before we had to leave because we thought we'd never see each other again. i bet God was laughing at us because He certainly had a different plan. we get to see each other all the time here in auburn and it is so much fun! another new thing...learning people's personalities. you know how you've known your home friends for so many years, so your used to how they react to different things like things you do or say. you just know them. well it's weird getting used to they way new friends will respond to different things. it really frustrates me actually, i feel like i keep a lot more to myself and confrontation is scary. i hate that though, unspoken things allow tension to stay inside of me and it's not that i'm ever mad, i just hate that feeling inside of me. i've been praying all day that the Lord would help me in the area of confrontation. that's just a new feeling i feel like has been constantly with me and i don't feel like it's healthy to keep it all inside.

"Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another. Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil." Ephesians 4:25-27


something old something new....

so for a while now as i begin this blog i have decided to add something old each day along with my daily blog posts just for catching we go:

i worked at the JH ranch in California this summer. my life has been so blessed by all the people i've met through this ranch. it is such a special place to me and the Lord is certainly at work out there. writing this entry is really making me regret not beginning to post sooner because i just can't write out everything God has taught me this past summer and all my fun experiences. ask me about it sometime though. i'd love to tell you more. i can tell you that i worked in the kitchen though and woke up at 6am every morning to start cooking. i wouldn't have rather spent my summer any other way.

kitchen crew at chef bob's house for movie night!

Monday, October 18, 2010

bleeding hearts

i found these flowers on google today, they are beautiful so i thought i'd share!
...before blossoming

and after blossoming!! beautiful creation!

better late than never

so...i started this blog in february. yet this is post number one. oh well, catching up with a few things...

1. i love love love auburn, green, and kappa delta
2. the Lord is faithful. He has truly blessed me with wonderful friendships here in auburn that are allowing me to grow in Him.

hmm...that's enough said for now. it's 1:30 and i should be sleeping seeing that i only slept 3 hours last night. the rest of my catching up will just have do be done tomorrow.

"May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, and May the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace." -Numbers 6:24-26