Sunday, December 5, 2010

best ever

this weekend is up for the number one position of best event ever in my life. a weekend spent with friends, stress free, in atlanta for the SEC championship. i couldn't have spent my time better. a fresh guacamole friday. christmas music with dave barnes, and drew and ellie holcomb. waking up to the inviting scent of te season, christmas fir. and watching (from the 10th row 40 yd line) cam newton and the rest of our auburn tigers set a record of the greatest win in an SEC championship game. Cam's word for his fans "If God is with me, who could be against me." And the weekend was wrapped up perfectly riding around auburn and driving by toomer's blasting All We Do Is Win for thirty minutes straight and watching as auburn fans all over the streets put their hands up in the hair. national championship, here. we. come. theAuburn Family is All In. War Cam Eagle.

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  1. I love you Shelby! This weekend was THE best!