Thursday, November 4, 2010

His Love Never Fails

i'm not doing very good at being consistent with posting. and when i do have time to write, there's so much to say that i don't know what to write. so this one is going to be sort of like a list...just to make sure i cover everything:)

-after much thought and much time spent searching
, i finally found my object for my my new 3d project. ice skates!! wooohoooo!
-baby are you down down down down down with Emily Brown!!!!! this is campaign week for miss homecoming 2010 (Emily Brown), which means it is SUPER busy, but a lot of fun!! YAY EMILY BROWN!! number one on our ballots and number one in our hearts:)
-The Lord is present even in the smallest ways. He is SO GOOD. I can't even describe Him, but if I could there would never be anything new about Him to reveal to me. Praise the Lord because He is a mystery and wants to give us more of Him each day!!!! Yesterday He just spent the day reminding me that He truly is present everywhere. Even on the bus coming back from RO parking (miles away). The driver was listening to a song by Nicole C. Mullen that my mom and I used to listen to a lot. I can't think of the name right now, but it just says "I know my redeemer lives." I just was sitting there in the bus talking to the driver and all of a sudden I heard that song playing. It just made me smile, I knew it was God reminding me that He was
there with me and that He always would be. What an awesome hope to have in Him.

well, that's all the time for now, but i'll have some more tomorrow if there's time..i hope!!

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