Saturday, April 30, 2011

pre-graphic design

i'm finally finished with my freshman year of pre-graphic design classes! woohooo! i loved my drawing and design classes but i won't miss being in biggin all the time. caroline says biggin was eating her friend. i don't really miss pulling all-nighters weekly, but i will miss hanging out with all my friends in the studio when we did have to stay up all night before a project was due. and i will definitely be sad when i don't see them as much next semester because most of them applied for summer graphic design. i do still have 2 exams left to study for, but i am so thankful to have a little more time on my hands to rest and hang out with friends. and now i'll just be waiting to see if I get into graphic design for the fall at the end of the summer. i know it's in the Lord's hands and i trust He will put me right where He wants me to be to glorify His name!

i'm going to post all my projects, i just need to re-take a bunch of the pictures, so here's just one for now.

Drawing 1- this was a project in class one day taking one of my professor's prints and altering them to be our own while leaving a few elements from his print in the piece. Professor Velazquez is also the printmaking teacher and is extremely talented. He co-owns a print company called Drive By Press where he hand cuts designs into wood and then custom prints on site. Hopefully I'll get to take his printmaking class one semester.

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