Thursday, February 17, 2011

another beautiful friendship

allison thomas and i have been friends as long as i can remember and it's so fun to think back on all the times we've spent together:) she really knows me and i just love her and i'm so thankful for her friendship!!!! the other night i was so overwhelmed with one of my 2d design projects and i was just having a hard time understanding exactly why it was i had decided to major in graphic design. i was questioning if that was really what i was supposed to major in. i went up to her room and saw her for a little "break" (more of a way to procrastinate further) and was talking it out about how maybe i should really be in another major. the awesome friend she is brought me back to reality quick and reminded me that number one, i shouldn't ben thinking about changing my major at midnight the night before a big project that i'm sick of is due, and number two, she reminded me how much i really do like it and i'm doing well so far. praise the Lord for a perspective in reality. i'm definitely without a doubt going to miss living across the hall from my best friend next year, but i know we'll keep in touch and still see each other. our friendship is one of those that will always pick back up where it left off when we don't get to see each other for a while.

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