Wednesday, February 16, 2011

those sweet little blessings

there's just so much i have to blog about i don't know where to start really. last week i was sick and it was just terrible timing because of all the projects i had coming up and because i needed to get them done before i left for our jh staff reunion that weekend. the day i finally went and got more (because i just wasn't back to 100%) meds from the doctor, i got an email from my RA that said i had a delivery downstairs. yay! always exciting to hear that:) my sweet mom sent had called wrapsody in downtown auburn and had a girl there pick out some fun things for me just to add some sunshine to my gloom and it absolutely made my day!

and mrs. marybeth sent all of us sunday afternoon bible study girls a craft box so we can create! it was full of fabrics, ribbons, buttons, blank postcards, and more! what a treat to add some fun to our busy weeks! i haven't made anything just yet, but i've got some ideas! i'll be sure and post whatever i create!

the journal from my mom that says "How Great Our Joy" and the AWESOME smelling pineapple candle. and some of the fabric and ribbon from mrs. marybeth that i plan to create something fun with!

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