Wednesday, February 23, 2011

faithful always

Praise the Lord that He is always faithful!! His word is living and active and I clearly experienced His blessings and promises today! I talked to Jen LeDuc today about working out at the ranch again this summer, and when we talked, she told me space was filling up and she wasn't sure if I could even do full summer now since I had previously been trying to decide on working at JH or doing an internship and since I had let her know so late. She told me she was going to continue to pray about it though and when we hung up, well, I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't upset. I definitely was and I didn't know what to do anymore about the internship now because I was so sure the Lord wanted me to work at the ranch instead. I sat and prayed and read and prayed and just told the Lord that I knew it was all in His control and I knew His plans were going to be what was best for me. He is righteous and I wanted to do what His will for me would be for the summer. Literally, five minutes later, Jen called me back and said that someone else had just let her know that she couldn't work full summer anymore and needed to work half, she said she knew this was from the Lord and I could work full summer!!!!! Praise the Lord! He is SO faithful all the time! I am so full of joy!

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